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Bearded Dragon Questions

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Free: The Beginners Beardie Guide

Being a bearded dragon owner is so exciting. It also comes with a lot of questions. Check out this beginner’s guide to find all those questions answered. From Tanks to Lighting to Diet. You will find all you need and more.

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Train Your Dragon: The Guide

Know the basics but want to actually train your dragon now? There are training schools for dogs and cats but not dragons. Here is where we come in. We can teach you everything you need to train your dragon.

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Treat Your Dragon With The Best

Your beardie deserves the best-bearded dragon owner you can be. Everyone says their products are the best but are they? Who can you trust? We are here to help. We pour over hours and hours of research so you don’t have to. Check out these recommendations.

Learn Everything A Bearded
Dragon Owner Needs To Know


Learn about the different behaviors and what they mean. What is normal and expected? What are behaviors you should watch out as warning signs? Find them all out here.


Learn about cool new things for your tank like heat rocks, hammocks, lay boxes, hides, and more. Find out what is safe and what is harmful. Read all our reviews to find out what is the best one for you.


Did you know that all bearded dragon’s have a 3rd eye? Find what it does. This and may other things that make up the biology of your bearded dragon.


How do you give your bearded dragon a bath? What do you do if your bearded dragon is constipated? Is your bearded dragon overweight? Learn the best practices to care for your beardie.


Can bearded dragons eat bananas? How about spinach? Did you know that avocados are potentially fatal for bearded dragons? Find out what you can and can’t feed your bearded dragon to keep them safe.


Tail rot? Yellow Fungus? Pinworms? Metabolic Bone Disease? What are all these? How do you tell when you bearded dragon has one. Get to know the signs and symptoms.


Paradox, Rankids, Witblits, Pygmy, Silky and more. Find about the different breeds of bearded dragons. What makes them different and which one is right for you.